We know you want quality, so that’s what we deliver. Our dedicated Quality Control Inspectors and full-time in-house Certified Weld Inspector make sure everything is to spec. At Mohawk Metal, we are proud of our trained craftsman and how they approach each job to deliver the finest product. We are recognized for our Just In Time (JIT) delivery. And, we all understand the importance of world-class service.

For us, quality flows from processes and people who are aligned. When you need the best, Mohawk Metal delivers.

Certified Welding Fabricator Certification

Mohawk Metal has successfully attained Certified Welding Fabricator (CWF) status with the American Welding Society. The CWF program recognized select companies with the proven resources, procedures and personnel to apply a quality management system to welding fabrication activities.

AISC Certification

AISC Certified

You may have heard of AISC Quality Management Systems (QMS) Certification, but you may not know exactly what’s involved. AISC’s certification programs set the quality standard for the structural steel industry and are the most recognized national quality certification program for the industry. Our programs focus on the entire process of fabrication and erection. Our goal is to build quality structures from the start by focusing on error prevention rather than error correction.

Certified companies have been through a rigorous initial evaluation and are subject to annual audits. These evaluations require a comprehensive administrative review, a documentation audit, and an on-site audit of the firm’s quality management system. This is significantly different than “product inspection,” since inspection does not focus on the root cause of the error and preventing it from happening again.