EZ Bridge Portable Bridge Builder

Easy to install and maintain

EZ Bridge takes less than a day to install. Components of the bridge are light, easy to transport and can be bolted together with minimal equipment. Traffic is often crossing an EZ Bridge three hours after its components arrive on site.

Made of ASTM A588 (Cor-Ten) weathering steel or A572 galvanized steel and/or painted high strength steel and treated wood, EZ Bridge requires almost no maintenance.

Remove and reuse

Once the job is finished, the portable EZ Bridge is easy to remove and can be stored for the next installation.

Since Hamilton Construction first offered the EZ Bridge in 1976, over 450 of this patented bridge have been sold throughout the Western United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. In 2010, Mohawk Metal Company purchased the EZ Bridge division, and we continue the commitment to quality and convenience to our customers.

The remarkable adaptability of the E-Z Bridge modular system solves your bridge building problem regardless of climate, terrain, locale, equipment or schedule. It can provide logging and construction access, an emergency roadway, a way over a body of water or even be part of pipeline maintenance in Alaska’s arctic tundra.

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